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Project Proposal

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Lucas Wojciechowski




Computer Science Department


Independent Study Proposal

Overall Objectives

I am proposing an independent study for one semester to earn credit for Introduction to C++. I am in 11th grade and am a new transfer this year to Duxbury High School. It is important to me that I complete this course because it is a prerequisite for AP computer science which I hope to complete next year. I already have a familiarity with computer science, having taught myself sever other programming languages (Visual Basic, Basic, PHP); technology has been a fascination of mine since a young age. I hope to major in Computer or Software Engineering in university and then get a career in developing new and exciting software and firmware for the exciting future web-based, mobile, and cloud computing. In order to realize this dream, I need the proper high school credits to apply to the top programs in this field.


My mentor for this project will be Mr. Connors. I will use Mr. Connor's room during third period during which time he will be running a robotics class. The only physical resource I need is a computer with Microsoft's free Visual Studio C++ Express. I will use freely available online e-books and articles to study the content itself. The main e-book I plan to use is called Beginner's Guide to C++ by Herb Schildt however I will supplement it with other resources when I need extra practice or explanation. To learn more specialized and advance topics such as how to interface with GUI and Direct X, I will use the documentation provided by Microsoft in the MSDN database. During the course of the independent study, I will cite all the different reference sources that I use .

  • Hardware: Access to a Windows based Computer

  • Software: Visual Studio C++ Express (Microsoft), Direct X

  • Primary References: A Beginners Guide to C++ (Herb Schildt), MSDN Database (Microsoft)

Study Plan

My independent study will be divided into two phases, learning and applying the material. The highest priority is that I learn the proper syntax of C++ and the underlying principles of computer science. I hope to accomplish this by studying textbooks and online resources, taking notes on the content, and completing practice programs to apply the knowledge. I plan to use the free online guides provided my Microsoft on the MSDN website for most of my studying. I plan to progress from learning the basic syntax of the language, to studying more advanced books and articles in order to learn how to create and interact with GUI's and Direct X. A more detailed list of Learning Objectives is attached.

Products Created

For each topic in my study plan I will take notes and write sample programs that demonstrate my understanding of the topic which will be compiled in a binder. The notes and sample programs contained in my binder will be transcribed into a format that can be posted online so that my mentor or anyone interested in following my progress may download and review them. In addition to notes, I may post other media such as photos, source code, and video as applicable. After studying the the concepts, I will pursue opportunities to apply the knowledge I have learned and problem solving skills to create software applications designed to solve a real-world problem. During this phase of my independent study I will will plan, design, write, and implement my own applications. With faculty input and support I hope to center this project around the technology available in classrooms (robotics, smartboards, etc.) and ways to better utilize the potential of this technology. If I cannot find a suitable project in the school community, I can apply the principles of C++ programming to the creation of a self-directed project. I also hope to give back to the robotics class which I am sharing a room with by aiding the students in that class in programming their creations through a few simple presentations and instruction.




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